Bat Rolling

Bat Shaving

Bat rolling is when a softball, fastpitch, or baseball bat is placed between two hard plastic rollers of a bat rolling Machine and then increments of pressure is applied. When the bat passes through these rollers the carbon fiber material is flexed and the resin that holds the layers together is broken up. Hitting a ball causes the same effect but takes about 500 hits and is not as consistent as bat rolling. The resin within the carbon fiber starts out completely intact and after bat rolling (or batting balls) the fibers become more flexible (because the resin breaks up) which significantly improves the bat's trampoline effect. The degree trampoline effect is what determines the distance of the batted ball (more trampoline effect equals more distance). Bat rolling not only adds 20-40 feet of distance to a batted ball but it also increases the sweet spot of a bat.

Why does Bat Rolling work?

How do you roll bats?

We bat roll perpendicular followed by parallel which we and most other top bat rollers have found works the best. A perpendicular roll alone just doesn't get all the needed spots on the barrel for a complete break in. Perpendicular bat rolling machines are also very hard to navigate. With only two rollers the bat shifts around uncontrollably and is a HUGE hassle to roll bats. We also use heated bat rolling on every bat, which changes the physics of the resins throughout the carbon (more below) for a maximum break in.
We heat your composite bat to a predetermined temperature for each type of composite. The physics of the resin throughout the carbon fiber is then changed and a more thorough break in occurs (resin becomes brittle). Heated bat rolling has been around for awhile but the process is a lengthy one and time and efficiency becomes an issue for most. A bat cannot be heated up rapidly or the laminate and paint will bubble or the carbon fibers will show through the paint. Therefore, heating a bat takes about 1/2 an hour and the rolling process is about 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes per bat. After hearing about heated bat rolling 2 years ago I gave it a shot on my bats and was very impressed with the results. I have perfected the heat rolling process and want to offer it as a option for maximum bat rolling.

What is Heated Bat Rolling?

How long is the process?

We roll your bats same day and ship within 24 hours of receiving. We ship via United States Postal Service, Priority (1-3 days) or Express (next day).
Every association has a no bat-altering clause in their rules and bat rolling falls under this rule. Bat rolling is the same as hitting 500 balls and the effects to the bat.

Will my association allow Bat Rolling?

What kind of bats can you roll?

Slow pitch, fastpitch, baseball, and youth bats can be rolled. 2 1/4, 2 5/8, and 2 3/4 barrels all can be rolled effectively. Composite, alloy, aluminum, and even wood can be rolled. Did you say wood? There is a practice called "bone a bat, in the 50s minor and major leaguers would take a large bone and run it along the bat to compress the wood. A lot of those players would swear by the increased distance and by what we have seen the increase is minimal on a wooden bat (5-10 feet).
If we break your bat during bat rolling we will replace your bat.
If you are not completly satisfied with our service we will reroll your bat at no extra charge.

Bat Rolling