Bat Rolling

Bat Shaving

I got it, I hit, I am impressed. Deep homeruns and line drives off fence every swing. I think taking a little extra out helped a lot.
Brian, California
 Worth Legit Balanced

Hit like a rocket! Thanks for asking, how did you guys get that endload to feel heavy like I asked?
Derick, Tennesse
Miken DC-41

I will have to say these bats are ridiculous. I hit 8 of 10 out in the finals of the Homerun Derby contest, Thanks!
 Brandon, Texas
 Easton Baker and a shaved ASA Legit

 The bat has made a huge difference with her distance. I believe she is hitting forty feet farther. We are going to order another Easton but this time we are getting the black and purple stealth..she likes the colors??
 Greg, Michigan
 Easton SRV4B

 Thanks for the bat I absolutely love it!!!
 Mike, Illinois
 Miken Freak

 Never thought that bat rolling would really work this good. I can almost hit it out at will now. Is this normal with all bats or just my freak?
 Nick, Virginia
Miken Freak PT

 My Miken killz it! I have leveled the playing field if not blew it up. Dudes were hitting the HR limit every time and now we are breaking them down, Thanks.
 Henry, Texas
 Miken Recoil 750X
The bat is definitely hot. During the first BP session I felt it open up incredibly and the sweetspot started to get bigger and bigger, outastanding job!!!
Shawn, Ohio
Miken Psycho

Unbelievable how the bat hits, Thanks dude!
John, Arizona
Easton Kirby

Thanks for looking in those bats, I can't believe they did not shave them. Bats hit 10 times better now, it's unreal the difference shaving these bats made.
Mike, Texas
Worth Resmondo and Miken

Awesome work! I got the bat today and was banging them out at bp with no problems.
 Daniel, Denver
Miken Kevin Filby

Got the bat back right before the Derby. I did not hit one ball out last year and got 6 out this year. I made it to the finals but only got ahold of 4 and came in 5th.
 Steve, Pennsylvania
Easton Wegman

Thanks for the work you did. I will recommend you to all my buddies.
 Andy, Ohio

 2 line drives off the fence and bomb to center field over the scoreboard. I would say the Hall hits well.
 Kevin, Georgia
 Worth Jeff Hall

 Yeah man it crushes the ball. Thanks for following up, that's cool.
 Jake, California
 Worth Watermelon

 Not sure what to say but it hits the s**t out of the ball! Hottest bat I ever swung.
 Quinton, Tennesse
 Worth Mayhem