Bat Shaving Purchase
We have received your payment.
Remember to send; Bat(s) and paypal receipt with package

Please send triangular or rectangular packages the bats come out of the circular ones very easy.
Agreement Form
I, the signatory, undertake all responsibilities and risks for any alterations made to the bat(s) listed above by I am conscious of the fact that only shaves bats for use in leagues, ballparks, and events where shaved bats are legal to use. I agree not to use the bat(s) in sanctioned league play, tournaments, or anywhere it is illegal to use bats that exceed the set performance level. I understand that the bat(s) will come with a label distinguishing them as shaved and agree not to remove the label.
I will indemnify, defend and hold and its associates, managers, owner, partners and assigns no obligation from all claims, demands, or liability emerging out of or encountered in connection with my or any person(s) use of the bat(s). Such indemnity shall apply to claims, demands, or liability for injuries occurring out of or in connection with the use of the bat(s) regardless of whether the bat(s) were used in a legal or illegal manner.
I understand that does not warrant the shaved bat from any kind of breakage. I understand that it is recommended that the finished shaved bat(s) be used in 65 degree weather or warmer. I release and its associates, managers, owner, partners and assigns from any and all claims and liability emerging out of or resulting from the modifications made to the bat(s) by

If any legal lawsuit or other legal process is brought for the discernment or enforcement of this Bat Shaving Order Form and Release, or because of an alleged dispute, barratry, default, or misrepresentation in association with any of the stipulations of this Bat Shaving Order Form and Release, then the successful or current person or parties will be entitled to recoup their reasonable attorney fees and other litigation costs (including the cost of specialists) acquired in that action or proceeding, in addition to any other relief to which they may be entitled.

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